Metro Warrant Sweeps Leads To Major Drug Bust

Thursday, July 31st 2014, 7:21 pm
By: News 9

Police in Edmond, Oklahoma City and Shawnee recovered thousands of dollars in cash as well as a whole lot of drugs during a metro-wide warrant sweep.

Officers raided 4 homes and a business and arrested three people, 38-year-old Constantin Khandros, 31-year-old Robert Mitchell and 25-year-old Ociel Ruggeri.

Right now, all three men have bonded out after spending only a few hours in jail. And it turns out one of the houses police targeted has been busted for drugs before. The home that has been busted before is located in the 300 block of Brighton Dr. in Edmond.

Neighbors here say they saw police cruising around the home early Thursday afternoon and figured it was drug-related, but did not want to talk on camera.

Over on the south side of town, police also raided this home located on SE 86th St. near Sooner Rd. It is located on a nice, quiet street lined with basketball goals, so you know several kids live in the area.

“You have some kind of idea people coming in and out,” said neighbor, Joe Lopez. ”But you didn’t have that kind of traffic here you know just regular normal people.”

Lopez lives right next door and was shocked to hear that police found both marijuana, hash and more than $7,000 in cash inside this home.

“It took me by surprise that they would do something like that there,” said Lopez.

Lopez says the young couple who lives here has kids and that they just bought the home. He also says they are the best neighbors he ever had.

“They are real nice neighbors and real nice people you know,” said Lopez. “I don't know what could have happened.”

Police also raided a home on SW 56th St., where they found wire transfers for more than $50,000 to one of the suspects. Police then raided a car lot on SW 29th St., which neighbors say is owned by one of the three people arrested.

In all, police say they seized more than $72,000 in cash from all five places. Now, while News 9 was down at the SE 86th St. home, we did see DHS pay it a visit. No word on if the children living there were taken into protective custody.

Oklahoma City police tell News 9 this is an ongoing investigation and more charges and arrests may happen in this case.