OKC Man Accused Of Knowingly Trying To Spread HIV

Thursday, July 31st 2014, 7:52 pm
By: News 9

The two month investigation into 36-year-old Martin 'Marty' Kraham resulted in an arrest outside of his home in the 2500 block of N.W. 18th Street on Thursday.

Kraham is accused of knowingly trying to spread HIV.

Several alleged victims came forward in June. All asked to remain anonymous, because they fear Kraham could retaliate, and after all, he is already accused of putting their lives at risk.

"I thought I knew him so well, and I don't know him at all," one woman said.

She claims they had unprotected sex for several months in 2008.

Court records show Kraham tested positive for HIV in 2007. Investigators got a court order and confirmed the date with the Oklahoma Health Department.

"He said he was completely STD free, and that he got tested regularly and that there was nothing to worry about," she said as their relationship progressed she gave into his desires, and they no longer had safe sex.

Eventually, another alleged victim came forward and told her about Kraham.

"There was nothing protecting me from it other than just sheer luck," the alleged victim said reality sank in. She was tested and did not contract HIV while with Kraham.

Still, she filed a civil lawsuit against Kraham. Court records show two of the alleged victims filed civil suits. Three reported the allegations to the Oklahoma City Police Department in June 2014.

According to investigative records, Kraham solicited unprotected sex with women, men, transsexuals and crossdressers via Craigslist after testing positive for HIV.

Investigators subpoenaed Craigslist, asking for all ads posted by Kraham's email account. Between 2008 and 2014, he allegedly post 695 ads.

"If he has engaged in the amount of unprotected sex that he has sought, then there could be hundreds of people infected," an alleged victim said in response to the investigation.

Kraham's wife is in disbelief though, "This is really hard for me, because he was honest with me." She defended him vehemently. "For me to think that Marty has a vindictive bone in his body... I just cant even fathom that," Mrs. Kraham said.

Mrs. Kraham said in the first week of dating he informed her of his health issues. Still, she dated him for five years. The couple has been married more than a year. Several of the Craigslist ads for sex were posted during their marriage.

She refused to comment on that issue but said they will fight the criminal charges and civil suits, together.

For now, his alleged victims said they are relieved he is in the Oklahoma County Jail and not preying on someone else.

Kraham is being held on two complaints of knowingly engaging in conduct likely to transfer HIV and two complaints of using access to computers to violate Oklahoma statutes.