Your 2 Cents: What It Means To Act Like A Lady

Thursday, July 31st 2014, 10:57 pm
By: News 9

A lot of you sounded off on my commentary, "Where are all the gentlemen?" by asking me, "Where are all the ladies?”

So, I asked you to describe how a lady should behave. A lot of you responded again.

Devyn wrote:

"Stay classy it's just plain sad what women wear and do these days. Stop trying to be one of the guys and be a lady!"

Gaye in Del City:

"A lady should not be mean, dirty, lazy, or foul mouthed. She should dress with dignity and act accordingly."

From Joanie:

"A lady should dress as if 'modest is hottest'..."

Ann wrote:

"With grace, dignity and a man how you expect to be treated, then treat him with the same respect."

From Sheri:

"Court men, be someone that a man has to work for her attention. Be a challenge."

From Fairview, Ronda said:

"You can still work like a guy and still be respected as a lady. .but it is all earned by actions!"

Rob wrote:

"I once had a woman who cussed like a sailor ask me if I had a ladies room. My reply? "yes, but YOU can use it."

From Kathy in El Reno:

"if a gentleman is nice to you, just say "Thank you!" His actions are meant to be "honoring" you, not "judging" your abilities."

And finally, this from Cindi:

"My father who has now passed, once opened the door for a woman. She said to him, "If you are opening the door because I'm a woman, don't bother." His response to her was, "I opened the door for you because I'm a gentleman."