Deadline Passes For Petition To Put Medical Marijuana Issue On Ballot

Friday, August 15th 2014, 8:11 pm
By: News 9

A last chance effort for medical marijuana in Oklahoma has hit its deadline.

Supporters hope to get the issue on the November ballot, and to do so, they had to turn in their collected signatures today.

Those signatures were turned in, but a verified number won't be figured for about a week.

Organizers are doubtful they have enough, but some parents remain hopeful.

"Mentally, I'm very hopeful," said Brittany Hardy, medical marijuana advocate. "This time just feels different."

Two-year-old Jaqie Warrior has been deemed just that, a warrior in the push for medical marijuana in Oklahoma.

Jaqie suffers from a rare disease that causes seizures, leaving her mom Brittany to drive back and forth to Colorado to get treatment with CBD oil.

"I can't even describe the difference it's made for Jaqie. Cannabis oil has saved Jaqie's life," said Hardy. "Jaqie went from about 150 seizures a day down to less than 15, less than 10. She has less seizures in a week then she did in a day."

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On this day, Jaqie gathered with hundreds of other supporters on the south lot of the capitol. All here to give one last final push for medical marijuana and collect enough signatures to see the issue on the November ballot.

"Regardless of being successful this time, we feel like we've elevated the discussion, and we feel that's what needed to happen," Chip Paul, chairman for Oklahomans for Health, said.

The odds may be against the effort, but hope has never been higher for Jaqie and her family.

"We have a home here; we don't have a home there," said Hardy. "We don't have money to stay there. What are we supposed to do? It's hard."

Organizers anticipate the state will take about two weeks to verify the signatures. The number required is 156,000.

If that number is reached, the question of legalizing medical marijuana in Oklahoma will be on the November ballot.

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