Perfect Picnic Slaw

Monday, August 18th 2014, 6:22 pm
By: News 9

Perfect Picnic Slaw

1 tablespoon sugar

2 tablespoons brown sugar

1 teaspoon ground mustard

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1/2 teaspoon celery salt

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

1/4 cup cider vinegar

1 bag coleslaw mix

3 green onions, chopped

1/2 bell pepper, chopped

In a large bowl mix together the coleslaw mix, green onions and bell peppers. To make the dressing: whisk together the sugar, brown sugar, ground mustard, pepper, celery salt, vegetable oil and cider in a small bowl. Pour over the cabbage mixture and toss together. Allow this to sit for 2 hours before serving.