Chickasha Police Chief Accused In Racial Controversy On Social Media

Monday, August 18th 2014, 11:59 pm
By: News 9

The Chickasha police chief is under fire Monday night, dealing with the backlash with social media and now there's a public outcry.

It all started over something the chief shared on his Facebook page. And it's one word in particular that caught everyone's attention.

"I think it was in poor taste for a city official to say that," said Chickasha resident, Harvey Taylor.

You always hear anything you post on social media isn't ever really private, even if it's on your personal account. And "poor taste" is why this letter is making its way to the Chickasha city manager Tuesday morning.

It's about a Facebook post the Chickasha police chief posted on his Facebook account and it included a racially charged word.

"It's just not appropriate. That starts a lot of animosity," Taylor.

The letter is written by a police sergeant on the department and is signed by several other people. In it the sergeant says he believes immediate action needs to be taken against the chief for using the “N” word.

That same sergeant recalls as a child a police officer used the derogatory term to him and to see his police chief use the word, even on social media, is hurtful and offensive and crosses a professional line when he posted it.

"I wouldn't know if reprimand would do anything about it. If that's how you feel about citizens then you shouldn't be in a position like that," Taylor said.

News 9 tried contacting the chief. We called him twice and stopped by his house, but so far, no response.