Security Cameras At OKC Business Capture 4.3 Magnitude Quake

Tuesday, August 19th 2014, 8:41 pm
By: News 9

A fall from bed, broken glass, ceiling cracks, those are just some of the reports News 9 got from Tuesday's earthquake. While we usually only see the effects of an earthquake, one metro business owner actually caught on camera.

Tuesday's 4.3 earthquake is the metro's first 4.0 or higher in nearly a month, and it's given that business owner a new sense of awareness.

"My dad said maybe the good lord was trying to tell someone something, and I said if he was talking to me, I sure got the message," said Liquor Station Owner Mark Uselton.

That message came just before 7:45 a.m. Mark Uselton was on the computer in the back of the showroom, inside his liquor store on Waterloo and Broadway in Edmond. All 16 of his security cameras were recording, watching the nearly 7,000 bottles on display.

"This one was a big boom, a bang," said Uselton.

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And just after that, Mark's entire store shook, the cameras catching it all. At one end of the store, wine bottles teeter on the edge. The beer cooler shook so hard the camera jolts right, as entire shelves of cases sway. Then finally some bottles near the register crash to the ground.

"Once I didn't hear anymore crashes, then I thought, when's it going to stop? I kept going on and on. It was 10-15 sec of rattling,” said Uselton.

At the end of it all only three plastic bottles are left broken, leaving Mark thankful.

"This one was one that could have done some serious damage," said Uselton.

Mark now plans to try and prepare as much as possible with the addition of rubble mats under some shelves. But this 4.3 quake has made Mark realize the sharp reality that comes with earthquakes of this magnitude.

"You really realize just how absolutely helpless you really are. You can't control anything and you can't do anything about it."

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