Woman Who Sparked OCPD Officer Investigation Speaks Out

Thursday, August 21st 2014, 11:10 pm
By: News 9

The woman says she feels vindicated by the arrest of Oklahoma City police officer, Daniel Holtzclaw, and she is glad that other women have come forward.

She says she got the news of the arrest while she was at work and came home to find the picture of the man she says violated her all over the news.

“Oh my God, I was frantic,” she told News 9 Thursday night. “I was just devastated! I said, 'That's him! That's him!' That's all I could say was, 'Oh my God! That's him!'”

The 57-year-old grandmother still does not want to show her face but says Holtzclaw's face is one she will never forget.

“My heart started beating fast, my hands started shaking,” she said. “Only thing I could do was turn my head to keep the tears away. Nothing else would come to my mind but that's him!”

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She confirms Holtzclaw is the one who, back in June, pulled her over near 50th and Lincoln and forced her to perform oral sex on him during a traffic stop.

Even with surveillance cameras from neighboring buildings in plain view.

“It was him, no doubt about it,” she said. “It was him. He did that to me!”

She says ever since she reported what happened, she has been living in fear.

“I'm still living in fear, just a little bit, but it gets better day by day,” she said.

We have learned at least half a dozen other women have also come forward with similar stories.

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Police say the crimes all occurred between Lincoln Blvd and Interstate 35, as well as between N.E. 14th and N.E. 50th Streets.

One woman even claims she was raped, and that breaks the grandmother's heart.

“I feel bad she was raped," she cried. "I wasn't raped, but I may as well have been! I was raped in my mind! I go through it every day!”

She is just glad Holtzclaw is now behind bars on a $5 million bond.

“I think it is awesome," she said. "I think he deserves a $20 million bond for what he did, for what he put me through, you know.”

The victim tells News 9 she hopes by speaking out again that it will give the other women, who may have also been violated and who have not yet come forward, the courage to do so.