Military Members Say New DOD Contractor Losing, Damaging Personal Vehicles

Monday, August 25th 2014, 7:14 pm

When Sgt. Cheyenne Dendy came home to Oklahoma after serving in Germany he had his brand new 2014 Dodge Pickup shipped through International Auto Logistics. It was supposed to be here on July 31 at the latest. It never showed up.

“Never heard anything, couldn't track the vehicle online,” said Dendy's wife, Kayla, who has been trying to help her husband find their truck. “Said it was sitting in Germany and so that's when we got concerned,”

Dendy is just one of hundreds of military members returning home from service to learn their personal vehicles they had shipped have either been lost or damaged.

“We've called them through their customer service line. They say they'll get back to us within 24 hours,” said Dendy. “We've never heard a return phone call from that service line at all.”

It all started when International Auto Logistics took over the $5-billion Department of Defense contract in May.

Check out the IAL Class Action Lawsuit.

A Facebook page set up for military members and their spouses who have had problems with IAL already has more than 3,300 members, many with similar horror stories to the Dendy's or worse.

On Friday a class action lawsuit was filed in federal court on behalf of several military members who haven't gotten their vehicles back. The suit says they anticipate the class will be "comprised of several hundred, if not more than a thousand, individuals."

Kayla says it's likely they will be one of them. Even Monday, when she went online to try and track the vehicle, all she got was a message saying the website was down. However, by calling the port and the company that owns the ships that bring the vehicles over she was able to figure out the truck is in Houston.

“I'm furious,” she said.

News9 also tried to get a hold of International Auto Logistics but we were only passed to an answering machine and our calls were not returned. Published reports show IAL was set up as a company just two months before receiving the government contract.