New Details Surrounding OCPD Officer Accused Of Sex Crimes

Friday, August 29th 2014, 10:55 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City police say an eighth alleged victim has come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Officer Daniel Holtzclaw. The announcement comes as charges are filed in the case.

Holtzclaw is being held on a $5 million bond, but his attorney filed paperwork to reduce it to $139,000 and claims his client is not a danger to society or a flight risk.

About 30 minutes to closing time Friday afternoon, the Oklahoma County DA's office filed 16 additional charges, including four counts of sexual battery, four counts of indecent exposure, four counts of forcible oral sodomy, two counts of first-degree rape, one count of burglary and one count of stalking.

Holtzclaw allegedly forced women to perform oral sex on him. Court records state, while acting under the authority of a police officer, he ordered each woman to perform the sex act and "threatened [them] with arrest and/or physical harm if [they]did not comply."

In another four charges, documents state Holtzclaw "directed [women] to expose [their] breasts." In some cases, he went as far as touched them with his hands.

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One charge alleges he forced a woman to expose her vagina.

Two women came forward and claimed Holtzclaw forced them to have sexual intercourse with him, which resulted in two first-degree rape charges.

Four sexual battery charges were added when Holtzclaw allegedly touched the body parts of some of the women he came in contact with on the streets.

Count six alleges he stalked and harassed a woman and threatened "future sexual assaults."

Holtzclaw was also charged with one count of burglary. Investigators say Holtzclaw broke into an empty house and tried to commit another sexual assault.

A probable cause affidavit states one victim was walking near N.E. 14th and Jordan when Holtzclaw stopped her and found a crack pipe in her possession. The affidavit states Holtzclaw then drove the victim home, followed her into her house and said, “This is better than county,” as he undressed.

Holtzclaw's attorney, Scott Adams, says his client is "denying he did any of this," and they are "waiting to go before jury."

News 9 tried contacting Holtzclaw's family, but they didn't return our call. The Oklahoma County DA's office is not speaking about the case at this time.