Kingfisher Cheerleader Falls Violently Ill After High School Football Game

Monday, September 1st 2014, 11:19 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma teenager is diagnosed with not one but several rare diseases.When she found out she was a cheerleader at Kingfisher High School and no one saw it coming. Sunday night 17 year old Tysen Hendricks got home from a trip to the Mayo Clinic, but just a few hours later ended up back in the hospital.

“Just one wrong thing even can end her life,” her mother Paula Koehn said.

So before News 9 could even sit down with Tysen, we had to scrub down with soap and water only. She's allergic to alcohol and a plethora of things you'd never imagine.

“Basically you can be allergic to anything,” she said.

In fact...Tysen was hospitalized just a few weeks ago after she got a whiff of coffee in the grocery store. She's in the hospital bed again, but her journey began last year.

“I was sitting in the car with my mom, and all of a sudden I had a sharp pain in my chest,” Tysen said.

She went to the doctor, but nobody knew what was wrong, and the next day she cheered the night away at a football game.

“I cheered the whole game. I felt great. I didn't have any issues at all then on our way home from the game, we stopped at McDonald's,” Tysen said. “Within in an hour, I started getting violently sick, so bad that I pulled all the muscles in my chest. I don't really….it gets kind of fuzzy.”

A friend called 911. Tysen had an anaphylactic reaction, and that's when one of the doctors discovered she had mast cell.

Her health was fading and so was her memory.

“One day we were in Wal-Mart, and I went to the hair aisle and all of a sudden I didn't know where I was, who I was with or how I got there,” Tysen said. “It was the scariest feeling.”

And out of the blue any of Tysen's symptoms can strike, even during our interview. We quickly thanked Tysen and her mother for sharing her story, and as we rushed out, nurses rushed in.

“The hardest part is it's rare,” her mother said. “And nobody can fix it.”

In addition to Mast Cell, Tysen suffers from other illnesses including POTS disease. 

For updates on Tysen's battle or to help, visit her facebook page.