Traveling Show Billed As Ultimate Near Death Experience

Wednesday, September 3rd 2014, 4:49 pm
By: Karl Torp

It's billed as “The Ultimate Near Death Experience” and it's coming to Norman.

The group called "The 99" said it's a way of showing kids how their choices in life could end up hurting or even killing them.

Starting Friday night, volunteer actors will bring the 13 rooms inside a 20,000 square foot tent on West Main in Noman to life.

The production graphically reenacts the leading causes of death in teenagers and young adults.

“We have a pregnant mom, we have kids doing cocaine over here,” said Production Manager Phil Johnson as he gave News 9 a tour under the tent.

“The 99 is for kids to be able to see the end results,” said Johnson.

The number 99, according to organizers, is the number of kids 12 to 24 who are killed each day in the US.

Nowhere on The 99 Web site does the non-profit based out of Tulsa mention faith, but we're told there are rooms that represent heaven and hell.

“We do have volunteers that commit to pray,” said Johnson, who adds that show-goers don't have to stay at the end and pray.

Johnson said the President of Mardel Christian Bookstores invited The 99 to Norman after taking part in one show in Michigan.

There will be shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday until Sept. 28.

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