Fallin, Dorman Square Off On Lockett Execution Findings

Thursday, September 4th 2014, 6:52 pm
By: News 9

Everyone's been referring to the execution of Clayton Lockett last April as “botched”, but it looks like, technically anyway, it was only “delayed.”

On Thursday, the Department of Public Safety released its report on the Lockett execution. Among other things, the report concludes Lockett did die from the lethal injection drugs. But there's a lot more in the report.

The 29-page report was the product of an investigation ordered by Gov. Mary Fallin on April 30, the day after the Lockett execution.

The day after DOC Director Robert Patton stated that Lockett had died of a heart attack, not the lethal injection drugs. But four months later, a new report says otherwise. Now, according the medical examiner's autopsy, Lockett's death was "judicial execution by lethal execution."

Here's what else it says:

"...the viability of the IV access point was the single greatest factor..." that contributed to the problems administering the drugs.

It also says, "...DOC did not conduct training sessions as required by the protocol..."

and "...DOC had no training protocols or contingency plans...if complications occur..."

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The report contains a series of recommendations to improve protocols, and Thursday afternoon Fallin said she expects them to be put in place.

“And if I am assured, as governor, that those protocols are in place, that they are more effective, then we can look at moving forward with executions, said Fallin. “But until those protocols have been put in place, we won't be having executions until they are.”

Fallin's opponent in the November election, Joe Dorman, criticized Fallin for having her Secretary of Safety and Security, Mike Thompson, lead the investigation.

"I question his ability to conduct an unbiased investigation," Dorman stated.

The state's next execution is scheduled for Nov. 13. It's not clear yet if that will be delayed or go on as scheduled.