Latest Details Surrounding Mixon Assault Video

Thursday, September 4th 2014, 11:14 pm
By: News 9

It's surveillance video we've waited six weeks to see. OU running back Joe Mixon throwing a powerful right hook, knocking out OU junior Amelia Molitor.

That alleged assault lead to Mixon's criminal charge, and then his season-long suspension.

We wanted to hear from Molitor after the media was allowed to view that video. We called but have not heard back from Molitor or her attorney. 

News 9's Sports Director, Dean Blevins, and News 9's Lisa Monahan reviewed the two-and-a-half-minute video clip, six times.

We couldn't record it, and we were denied copies of it.

The actual altercation lasted only 22 seconds.

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Since we can't show you that video, at least not yet, we literally have to re-enact what we saw.

“She pushed him, she slapped him before he ever got physical,” News 9's Lisa Monahan said.

In addition to our own Lisa Monahan, there are now more than 40 accounts of what happened between Joe Mixon and Amelia Molitor.

“It all happened in a matter of seconds, and as soon as she slapped him, I think it was just his reaction," said Monahan. "He just punched right back, and she fell to the ground and she was there for 40 seconds, at least.”

“You can't say it was not significant, because you have a young lady in the hospital with broken bones,” said News 9's Dean Blevins. “But for some reason, I expected more graphic and to come away from it going, 'God Almighty.'”

News 9 was the first to challenge the non-release of the video citing open records laws.

Norman's assistant city attorney told us, for now, the video is for public inspection only, and no copies are allowed. He cited the police department's policy.

A media law expert calls it a clear case of twisting the law.

By law, the video has to be released anyway by November 1.

Anyone can request to see the video before November, but you have to file an open records request like the media would.

Amelia Molitor was not charged in this case.