OKC Father Speaks Out After 2-Year-Old Son Dies

Friday, September 5th 2014, 7:13 pm
By: News 9

A father speaks out after he comes home to what he thought was a sleeping 2-year-old son, but it turns out he was not breathing. Now the stepmom is behind bars.

She was arrested for one count of physical child abuse and could possibly be charged with murder.

The victim in this case is 2-year-old Genshawn Cooper.

Questions remain on the cause of his death, but even more confusion lies with his grieving father.

"How could this happen," asked Marion Cooper, Genshaw's father.

Cooper could only slump over his front porch rails, holding up his emotions while he holds up the memories of his 2-year-old son Genshawn Friday.

"Playing ball you know, playing, fighting, wrestling, seeing a little smiling boy you know," said Cooper.

Wednesday, Cooper came home and just beyond a window, he told police he saw Genshawn lying face down on an air mattress under his sibling. His stepmom Kindell Adair was also home. Cooper then tried to wake his son and noticed he wasn't breathing, so Cooper called 911.

When paramedics arrived, they determined Genshawn was deceased.

Authorities then questioned Adair and according to the report she said after Genshawn had been sick and running a fever she gave him some Pedialite. Later she said Genshawn fell and hit his head, but she "picked him up and kept him up long enough to make sure he was okay."

“She loved them boys. She's like, ‘I love them.' I just can't see her hurting them," said Cooper.

But police suspected otherwise.

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"Based on that interview the investigators believed they had probable cause to arrest," said Sgt. Gary Knight with Oklahoma City Police.

Police also based the arrest on what the Medical Examiner found evidence consistent with a head injury.

"Just a regular day you know, turned out being a messed up day and now they gone and she gone too," said Cooper.

The investigation is still on-going and police said if the case is ruled a homicide, her charge of child abuse will be amended to murder.