Informant Helps OSBI Intercept Murder Plot

Tuesday, September 9th 2014, 6:49 pm
By: News 9

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations (OSBI) reports two McAlester residents are facing solicitation and conspiracy to commit first degree murder charges.

In early September, OSBI said 53-year-old Billy Crenshaw asked an acquaintance to kill his granddaughter's mother. Crenshaw reportedly had custody of the toddler whose mother wanted her back. OSBI officials said Crenshaw offered a gun with the serial number impaired and the forgiving of a debt owed him by the acquaintance.

“Mr. Crenshaw and Ms. Miller did not want the toddler to go back with her mother,” OSBI spokeswoman Jessica Brown said. “Billy Crenshaw had custody of the child and had had custody since a few days after she was born and Crenshaw did not want to give that up, and the mother was fighting to get custody back. So they both wanted to get the mother of the child out of the picture, and they believed murder was the best way to do that.”

The acquaintance then spoke with Shonda Bridge (Miller), who also wanted the little girl's mother killed. Miller, 41, is related by marriage to Crenshaw. OSBI officials said the acquaintance alerted them to both of their requests to have the girl's mother killed and then became an informant.

On the night on Sept. 4, the informant picked up Miller at Crenshaw's McAlester home and drove to the intended victim's house outside of town. OSBI officials said the conversation between the informant and Miller was recorded. 

Miller reportedly brought a gun with her. Before the two left town, OSBI had a McAlester Police officer make a traffic stop.

“In order to prove both conspiracy to commit murder and solicitation to commit murder we needed Shonda Miller to actually act as though she were going to go through with this,” Brown said. “When she got in the vehicle with this informant with a gun, we believe she had full intent to kill this woman, and that's why we were able to build the case.”

Miller was arrested and a gun with impaired serial numbers was recovered from the passenger side of the vehicle. OSBI agents and members of the District 18 Drug and Violent Crime Task Force went to Crenshaw's home on the 1000 block of Key Road and arrested him.

The intended victim in the case was moved to a safe location that night, according to OSBI.