Your 2 Cents: Give Cyclists More Room As They Ride

Wednesday, September 10th 2014, 11:20 pm
By: News 9

The comments on My 2 Cents about sharing the road with bicyclists keep rolling in...

Tabitha wrote:

"My cyclist husband and his cycling friends (all obeying the laws of the road!)have had buckets of paint, boxes of roofing tacks, homophobic slurs, and many other things thrown at them out of the window of passing motorists. Ultimately, my husband ended up being hit by a car.."

Troy in Oklahoma City:

"In my experience.... Bicyclist are some of the worst traffic law offenders on the road! I'm really shocked we don't hear more about them being hit by cars!"

Yvonne said:

"you share the road no matter the size of the vehicle. and smile while doing so"

Randy in Sapulpa:

"Well tell them to pay road use tax or get the (expletive) off the road"

Richard said:

"I was hit last Sunday while biking near Tulsa Av and 42nd. My leg is bruised along with my hip but luckily nothing was broken. The driver was texting and failed to see me."

Lisa in Guthrie not a fan of bikes:

"the bicycles are not tagged and do not pay taxes like vehicle owners to be on said roads and to maintain said roads. Why then should they get more privilege over the driver of a vehicle that does. If they want to pay a cycle tax and build their own trails on those roads, then go for it!"

But Mark responded:

"I read the reaction to Your 2 cents about cyclists/road! Such vitriol! I don't think most that responded know that cyclists are protected by state law and yes, that our taxes pay for the roadways also!"