OU Fans Ticketed For Illegal Parking On Game Day

Friday, September 12th 2014, 9:22 pm
By: News 9

While most Oklahomans love football, gameday parking can be a nightmare. Now, imagine paying for parking, only to be ticketed.

That's exactly what's been happening at Classen Boulevard and E. Boyd Street in Norman.

Sometimes, “No Parking” signs are not enough of a warning. Especially at the last home game, when residents in a complex watched one man illegally collect possibly $1,000 dollars.

"There's signs that say 'no parking,' but he's saying there's over 30 vehicles parked on our right-a-way," a BNSF official said to Norman police.

More like over 50 cars lining the bank of the railroad tracks.

So many, BNSF had to call Norman police for assistance, writing $50 parking tickets for each car. Some even parked in front of "No Parking" signs, a warning that should have been as loud as the train whistle.

Nearby residents know who likely convinced the drivers.

“The guy was out here," said Brian Slate, a resident at a nearby apartment complex. "He had a sign saying $20 for parking."

Once that man filled up the lot, Slate said "he just blazed off." 

That's because BNSF actually owns the lot. Something Brian Slate didn't realize until it was too late.

"It was the perfect scam, I guess," said Slate. "Never seen anything like that before."

Norman police call it enterprising. It's completely illegal and happens every year.

"That is obtaining cash or merchandise by false pretenses...," said Captain Tom Easley with the Norman Police Department. "It's a fraud in other words."

Captain Easley suggested fans park in a location they have had a good experience parking at in the past.

Norman police are not currently investigating this case, but if they do get leads for parking scams, they will charge the individuals with a crime.