Oklahomans Line Up Early Friday Morning For Release Of New iPhones

Friday, September 19th 2014, 9:29 am
By: News 9

Long lines formed early Friday morning at several metro stores with eager Apple customers who couldn't wait to get the new iPhone.

The new larger iPhones have already set a new Apple pre-order record, with four million orders placed in the first 24 hours, exceeding the initial supply.

Some folks were camping out at the Penn Square Mall as early as Thursday afternoon. And Friday morning, they'll get their hands on either the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus.

One feature that Apple is counting on to distinguish these phones from others is the new "Apple Pay" feature. It's a mobile payment option that will launch in October.

Many are excited about the new phones. But some law enforcement officials have concerns. Apple says no one should have access to your personal information, and that could cause problems for police.

Apple has added additional security to its security software so that not even the company can pry into a password-protected iPhone or iPad. It's intended to keep hackers from getting into an account using a stolen password.

But Apple's inability to unlock password-protected smartphones and tablets could frustrate law enforcement officials who sometimes obtain court orders to vacuum personal data off phones for potential use as evidence in investigations.

The new security software is available in the latest update from Apple, the iOS 8 system.