Scottish Native Reacts To Historic Vote In United Kingdom

Friday, September 19th 2014, 6:43 pm
By: News 9

Scotland's election may have taken place more than 4,000 miles away, but it couldn't be closer for one Oklahoman.

He said he's 100 percent Scottish, yet 100 percent Oklahoman, and this vote has him proud to be both.

Benny Hughes might not have been in Scotland for the election, but he doesn't just pay tribute to his heritage, he plays it as the drum major of Oklahoma's Scottish pipes and drums.

As the sound of Scotland nears, Scottish heritage leads the melody.

"That's the house where I was born," Hughes said.

Hughes was born 88 years ago in the Kyles of Bute Scotland.

He stayed in Scotland for 32 years, even fighting for the Scottish Army in D-Day. His troop was the Gordon Highlanders.

"The point here is supposed to be with this eye," Hughes said.

After the war is when he most remembers what he calls the "not to good rules" of the UK.

"Instead of getting your change for 20 shillings they give your change for 18," said Hughes. "They would take two shillings off every Scottish pound down there in England."

Even 55 years ago, there was chatter of independence.

"I wish we could get our own rules and own country and stuff," Hughes said.

Those were just rumors then, and Hughes has since proudly become an Oklahoman.

Hearing news of Scotland's old gossip becoming a new goal took Hughes by surprise.

"Maybe this time the people do want a change," Hughes said.

Once Hughes discovered the majority of Scotland voted no and decided to stay with the U.K., it still doesn't change his tune.

"I would say yes, but I would lose," Hughes said.

Before we left Hughes' house, he wanted us to pass along a message: The movie "Braveheart" is 99 percent accurate when it comes to Scottish history.