Canadian County Deputies Arrest Two Men On Sex Crime Charges

Friday, September 19th 2014, 10:28 pm
By: News 9

In one day, Canadian County deputies take down two men for sex crimes involving minors.

One was even studying early childhood development in college. The busts are part of an undercover Internet operation, with investigators posing as teenagers.

Deputies said both men moved aggressively in their online conversations with who they thought were teenage girls, and since one was believed to work in close contact with young children, deputies expedited their arrest.

With the help of social media, undercover investigators in Canadian County tracked down sexual predator suspects in no time.

“In just the matter of three hours, this thing went from meeting and establishing with an undercover deputy posing to be an underage female to hey, let's go have sex," said Canadian County Undersheriff Chris West.

On Thursday morning, deputies arrested 26-year-old Mississippi resident Richard Posey. Posey was working as a contract electrician in Norman. He drove to a Yukon liquor store, where he thought he was meeting with a 14-year-old girl he met online. He brought five packs of Spice, or synthetic marijuana, and was planning on buying some vodka, but didn't even make it to the door when deputies busted him.

"Age was not a factor as far as he was concerned, in fact, on the way, he forwarded a text picture showing that he had a condom," West said.

“His conversation got filthy, he kept talking about all the explicit sexual things that he wanted to do to this girl.”

Later that night, investigators showed up to the OSU-OKC campus where 25-year-old Great Britain resident Jonathan Marr was in an early childhood development class. Deputies said for three days, Marr was messaging a decoy 15-year-old girl, and said although he admitted he knew the girl was underage, he was aroused by the thought of having sex with her.

"Since he was taking classes for early childhood development, that really got our attention because what we're trying to do is save kids," West said.

“Rather than going to his residence with a warrant and kicking the door down, and him not being there or trying to chase him, we knew that he would be there on campus, so we just expedited the arrest and went and got him.”

According to Marr's Facebook Page, he's been working as a teacher for OSU-OKC's Child Development Lab since January.

Marr is married and was messaging the investigator right up until he was arrested.

A spokesperson for OSU-OKC said the school is cooperating fully with the investigation

Both men were booked in the Canadian County jail and face charges of Soliciting Sex with a Minor.