EMSA Mascot Dog Recovers After Return To OKC Facility

Sunday, September 21st 2014, 6:20 pm
By: News 9

First responders are in much better spirits Sunday night, knowing their mascot is now safe. 

EMSA's therapy dog, Major 10-7, is back at their OKC station after being hit by a car and running away on Friday.

It all started on Friday morning. Major 10-7 and a medic were playing in a grassy area when the dog saw somebody across the street at the operations facility and got excited. She ran across SW 23rd St., and that's when she was clipped by a car.

The collision with the car spooked her and she took off. But not only did Major 10-7 survive the ordeal, she managed to hobble her way back home.

EMSA Support ServicesManagerr Tony McCarty is so happy to have his sidekick back.

“She's kind of gimpy, but she gets around OK,” he said. “She stays pretty close right now.”

McCarty said Major 10-7, the resident therapy dog, thinks she runs the place.

“She's definitely in charge,” McCarty said.

So when she ran off Friday after getting hit by a car, EMSA officials spent the entire afternoon trying to find her.

“Medics came in off-duty to hunt for her ... and some of the old AmCare medics came in and they were hunting for her. They had pictures of her and we had people posting flyers of her. Everybody was sharing her picture on Facebook and Twitter,” said McCarty.

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They were desperate to track down their dog. They say she was always there to help crews cope with the stress of the streets.

“Those days when we come in … and we've seen things that are sticking with us … she's always got a wagging tail and a good lick across the face for you, if that's what you need,” McCarty said.

And just as soon they started to let the search's defeat take over, some 16 hours later, the soul of the station staggered into Post 41 Friday night.

“I sat down on the floor then she came in and curled up in between my legs on my lap and just put her head on my shoulder and … it was really good,” said McCarty.

After getting checked out at a veterinary hospital and wrapped up, in both medical dressings and hugs from her owners, they know she's going to be OK and back to running the place in about a month. The mascot dog will be going to a vet hospital every day for the next three weeks, so they can monitor the healing process.

EMSA is implementing a new rule at its operations facility after the incident. Anytime 10-7 goes on a walk, she must be put on a leash.