Suspect Tries To Steal AC Unit From Veterinary Clinic

Tuesday, September 23rd 2014, 7:03 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

A metro veterinarian is asking for your help to catch the guy who tried to steal his air conditioner.

On Saturday, the folks at Brookwood Animal Clinic noticed it was getting a little hotter than normal inside their building. That's when the owner went outside to check his AC unit and realized the lines had been tampered with.

A look back at the surveillance video from the night before and they realized they got a pretty good shot of the thief. That's when Dr. Stachmus sent out a call to all this Facebook friends.

“We put them (photos of suspect) on our Facebook page to just ask clients and try to share the post and see if anybody recognized this guy,” said Dr. Aaron Stachmus.

Over a hundred people shared the video and pictures, including Moore liquor.

“One of my Facebook fans actually posted on their Facebook page, 'Send this over to Moore liquor they might be able to help you find this guy',” said Moore Liquor owner Bryan Kerr.

They've done the same thing with video from their own store and have been very successful.

“So far every shoplifter or thief or ne'er-do-well we've posted on our Facebook page has been identified and in some shape or form held accountable for their actions,” said Kerr.