Your 2 Cents: US Begins Airstrikes Against ISIS In Syria

Tuesday, September 23rd 2014, 10:07 pm
By: News 9

Monday night I said it was the right decision to take the fight to ISIS and I credited the Obama Administration for building a coalition that included Arab countries bombing the terror army.

Zena from Oklahoma City says:

"Totally the right thing to do. Happy to hear we have help."

And Patrick adds:

"The MOST encouraging thing is the fact that Middle East countries have joined in action, not just in words."

But Manuel from Elk City isn't giving the President so much credit:

"Had we acted a year ago, this wouldn't have been an issue."

Val writes:

"Get ready for Russia to get involved. They have already issued their warning against the US.

ALSO, here come the terrorist attacks state-side."

Cynthia adds:

"Russia is Syria's #1 supporter. Unfolding just as the Bible said it would."

Casey in Norman not a fan of our military action:

"Let's not mention the children that were killed by our air strikes that had nothing to do with Isis."

Casey, Norman

Jeremy in Maysville asks:

"Why are we doing this, and why is it that the us has to be the first to strike?"

Tana answered that:

"Bc, they beheaded Americans."

And Ginger says:

"They have threatened to come to the US. They have to be stopped NOW."

Finally, from Tamara:

"I'm so grateful that we're doing something! But I'm terrified of the unknown.."

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's Your 2 Cents.