Vaughan Foods Employees Describe Suspect In Deadly Moore Attack

Friday, September 26th 2014, 7:38 pm
By: News 9

Many employees showed up at Vaughan Foods the morning after the deadly attack and were given a letter by security sending them home.

The letter in part, stated Vaughan the first shift and "Fresh Cut" workers were off until Monday while second shift could come to work Friday night.

The letter also stated that counselors were inside the HR offices for the day for any employee seeking help.

Several employees said they couldn't be interviewed on camera, but still gave us an account of their co-worker, suspect Alton Nolen.

Some employees said Nolen acted out of character Thursday. He worked in the fruit department, mainly by himself, surrounded by knives in the building because that's the nature of the work, where employees chop food and package it.

Employees said Nolen was typically nice, prayed all the time and recently bought pizza for his department.

After Nolen was fired, his coworkers said his demeanor changed, but one employee said Nolen just snapped and was not trying to convert everyone to his religion.

"That's not what it was, he wasn't like that," said one employee.

Another employee said Nolen asked him once, ‘who did he pray to, God or Jesus?' And when the employee said God, Nolen replied, "So do I."