Search Warrants Reveal More Suspect Details In Beheading Case

Friday, October 3rd 2014, 3:41 pm
By: News 9

Search warrants filed in the beheading case at Vaughan Foods reveal the suspect, Alton Nolen, had become increasingly belligerent at work. 

Those documents detail just how concerned coworkers at Vaughan Foods were getting about his troubling and odd behavior.

The search warrants state witnesses to the brutal attack at Vaughan Foods told police Nolen had several disagreements and arguments with employees in the past and was attempting to convince other coworkers to convert to his religion.

Witnesses also told police they had overheard Nolen stating he did not like and beat Caucasians and wanted people to call him "Muhammad."

Nolen lived at the Colonial Apartments near NE 18th and Broadway in Moore and police executed a search warrant on his apartment, his car, and at Vaughan Foods.

Officers seized miscellaneous papers, two pieces of fabric and a black cell phone from the car.

Three .223 cartridge cases and a knife at the scene, and also four phones, a computer and a knife that reportedly belonged to Nolen at his home.

Investigators are checking if he may have created sent of documented threats of violence against employees or other members of the public.

Neighbors there did not want to talk on camera, but said Alton Nolen pretty much kept to himself. They would see him dressed in his Muslim garb every once in a while, but even when neighbors would say hello, Nolen just ignored them.