Oklahoma Same-Sex Couples Hit Snags With State Agencies

Tuesday, October 7th 2014, 6:41 pm
By: News 9

Gay advocacy groups said they are working through some setbacks with marriage licenses after same-sex marriage became legal in Oklahoma.

Some couples have experienced problems at county court clerks offices and others at tag agencies.

The Equality Network is fielding calls from same-sex couples all over the state who have had trouble getting their licenses.

“We are trying to get a marriage certificate…and they are refusing, so if you could give me a call back, I'd appreciate it,” said one caller in voicemail to The Equality Network.

“I've taken the mandate up to them and everything and they are refusing to marry us,” said another caller.

The executive director of the agency, Troy Stevenson, said after some leg work, all 77 counties are now issuing marriage licenses to gay couples in Oklahoma.

“As amazing as yesterday was, we've run into some problems,” explained Stevenson. “A court decision of this magnitude, we expected a few,” he added.

Other same-sex couples ran into road blocks at tag agencies.

“I went in to update the last name on my driver's license so that it would match the name on my social security card,” said Kory Kight of Oklahoma City.

Kight went to a tag agency and was told by the staff they were not allowed to process his request.

“They received something from DPS saying not to do it, that they could lose their license if they make any changes,” Kight recalled.

A supervisor at the tag agency confirmed his office was told by the Department of Public Safety not to issue licenses yet.

A DPS spokesperson told News 9 its legal team is currently updating its policies and will then hand those down to all tag agencies to start processing requests.

Same-sex couples can call the Equality Network with any questions at 405-802-8229.

“We're prepared to answer any of these questions and to get answers from these folks,” said Stevenson.

Governor Mary Fallin sent this statement to News 9:

"If an agency is unclear on what actions they should take under the law, she would encourage them to seek specific guidance from their attorney and the Attorney General's office."