Choctaw Homeowner Catches Thief On Surveillance

Saturday, October 18th 2014, 10:51 pm
By: News 9

Consider it a warning before the holidays, police said they are looking for a thief after he was seen, on camera, stealing a package from the doorstep of a Choctaw home.

It could happen to anyone ordering items on the Internet, when just as you're waiting for the package to arrive, a thief has beat you to it.

"I hate a thief, I can't stand thieves," said Joe Brooks.

Brooks said he is upset that a brazen thief showed up to his Choctaw home last week. He ordered some additional cordless phones online, but never got them. When Brook's package didn't arrive, he checked its tracking, which showed it had been delivered Thursday morning. He then turned to his eight surveillance cameras to see what he could find out.

"From then it was just a matter of putting the cameras in fast forward, and sitting there and reviewing, and then I saw this guy."

The guy was wearing a neon yellow contractor's shirt, walked right up to the front door, picked up the package, walked back to put it inside his car, and then walked back to the door with a clipboard.

"And then had the nerve to try to come back and sell me something," Brooks said.

The thief then backed his car into the grass and got away.

“I just want him off the street, and at the least, so that his image and his car gets out there so that everybody sees him, so that if he shows up to their house, they'll spot him.”

Brooks posted the video on social media, and has gotten more than 35,000 views.

"I was able to have the cameras to catch a thief, and I just want to make it popular, make his face famous."

Brooks said he plans to add several more cameras around his home to provide more angles.

He said someone him called Saturday saying the t-shirt the thief was wearing is tied to a Wisconsin contracting company.

Choctaw police has a copy of the video and authorities are investigating the crime.