A Look At What Americans Waste Money On

Tuesday, October 21st 2014, 8:53 am
By: News 9

People are always looking for ways to pinch the pennies and save money, especially as parents. We've been going over a report from DaveRamsey.com and found some things we apparently waste our cash on.

It comes as no surprise that we waste money. But what may surprise you is what you're throwing your money away on.

Here's the first one, appetizers. Restaurants already have set lunch and dinner portions so big you need a box to bring the rest home. So why do we pay an extra six or seven bucks on something we can't finish?

The next time you go out, think about splitting appetizers for your meal or just skipping out on them altogether.

Next is deal websites. Websites will offer specials or coupons to save you money but how many times have you actually used them? The report shows it's better to stick to the deals you know you will use.

Overdraft and ATM fees aren't anything new, but have you ever calculated how much they actually cost you? It's worth the time to find an ATM that doesn't charge a fee and balance your account to avoid these.

Finally, this one is for moms -- designer baby clothes. It's no secret babies only wear an outfit a handful of times before growing out of it. Between that and the stains that will undoubtedly be on them, they aren't worth the money we fork up for them.

Now is the perfect time to scale back your budget with holiday shopping around the corner.