Man Accused Of Holding Chickasha Women Against Their Will

Tuesday, October 21st 2014, 10:37 pm
By: News 9

A man just outside the metro is accused of flagging down a passerby, then forcing her to drive him around along with another woman. Police said the women were held against their will.

A coffee mug sat outside Kody Dean Jones' house. It said 'number one mom,' but as for the mother of his child, police said he was beating her and dragging her across the street and forced his way into a passing vehicle.

"The suspect was dragging his former girlfriend and mother of his child down the street in an area which he came across this person who was driving a car and demanded to get in the car or he would assault and kill the mother of his child,” Chickasha Interim Police Chief Shannon McClain said.

That driver told police Jones "had a knife and told her to let them in or he would kill them all."

"The driver of that vehicle let them in, drove them around while he continued to assault the mother of his child,” McClain said.

Police said she then said Jones made her drive him around and kept smashing his ex-girlfriend's head against hers as they were driving. He eventually let his child's mother out of the car but continued to make the other woman drive. The entire time he was armed with a red and black knife with skulls on it.

"At some point he let the mother out, but then forced the driver to go back to her house where he held her for a brief amount of time,” McClain said.

Police showed up and Jones told them he'd already spent six years in prison for kidnapping. The police report also stated he said "he wanted to die" and "go down with guns blazing" but ended up being arrested instead.

Jones is facing kidnapping charges and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.