Jurors Head Home Before Deliberations Begin In Road Rage Killing At Super Target

Tuesday, October 28th 2014, 5:01 pm
By: News 9

The jury in David Bloebaum's road rage murder trial was sent home today, ahead of finally rendering a verdict. Deliberations are set to take place on Wednesday.

The jury will decide whether Bloebaum is innocent or guilty of murder for a deadly confrontation in a Super Target parking lot back on Sept. 28, 2012.

The defense team has always claimed Bloebaum acted in self-defense, but they chose not to have him take the stand at his trial. Nor did they call any witnesses. Now, after five days of testimony by the state, the jury will have to decide if there is enough evidence to convict the 59-year-old man of murder.

On Tuesday the jury heard more from the OKC Police Crime Scene Investigator who responded to the scene, where 29-year-old Jason Yousif was shot and killed.

Prosecutors contend that Bloebaum and Yousif engaged in a road rage battle along the Kilpatrick Turnpike before exiting and confronting each other in the Super Target parking lot at Memorial and Penn.

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Though earlier witnesses testified to seeing a knife fall out of Yousif's hand, no proof was ever presented that he used it against Bloebaum. Only that Bloebaum pulled a gun from his car and fired at Yousif multiple times that tragic day.

The defense made one last plea to the judge that Bloebaum acted in self-defense and that the case should not go to a jury, but the judge overruled that request.

Bloebaum's wife has been at her husband's trial every single day, as have the family of the victim. But so far neither is saying anything.

The judge has instructed the jury to return Wednesday at noon. That is when they will receive jury instructions, hear closing arguments, and then begin deliberating whether or not Bloebaum will walk out of the courtroom as an innocent or guilty man. If found guilty Bloebaum could face up to life in prison.

On Monday prosecutors did drop one of the gun charges against Bloebaum, but he still faces the murder charge and one count of unlawfully carrying a weapon.