Joe Mixon's Assault Victim Reacts To Plea Deal

Thursday, October 30th 2014, 10:58 pm
By: News 9

The woman knocked out by now suspended OU running back Joe Mixon, breaks her silence. This comes as Mixon accepts a plea deal for the assault on Campus Corner.

The woman hasn't spoken to the media since the day after the assault. She admitted at the time she slapped Mixon before he punched her. Mixon entered what's called an Alford Plea, which means he does not contest the charges.

Mixon's attorneys believe the Cleveland County District Attorney has enough evidence to go to trial and convict Mixon of assault, but they are not admitting guilt.

“I'm not necessarily pleased. I'm not disappointed either though. I think it's better for everybody that it doesn't go to trial. So, I guess I'm pleased in that sense,” said Amelia Molitor.

The case has gained national attention and Molitor, who's at the center of it all, says she's been trying to live her life as normal as possible. Meantime, Mixon will not serve any jail time and is ordered to one year of probation.

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But, the legal wrangling continues over the surveillance video, which clearly shows the assault at Pickleman's Café.

Evan Anderson: “Do you want people to see this surveillance?”

Amelia Molitor: “Definitely not, but it's not really up to me at this point. I'd rather nobody have to see that. I've seen it, and it's not pleasant. But, it's over my head.”

Forty members of the media viewed the two and half minute video including three of our own.

“It's a time of my life that I don't want the whole world to be able to see,” said Molitor.

Molitor says if the video of Mixon punching her is released to the public, she and her attorney will be prepared.

“I'm sure things will get crazy soon, but, at this point, that's really all I can say,” said Molitor.

Mixon's attorneys say Mixon does not want to be a further distraction to his family, friends, teammates or OU. Mixon also wants to apologize to everyone affected.