Fallin Defeats Dorman In Oklahoma Governor Race

Tuesday, November 4th 2014, 3:11 pm
By: News 9

Mary Fallin has won her second four-year term as Governor of Oklahoma after defeating Democratic challenger Joe Dorman.

Fallin received 56 percent of the vote, defeating Dorman who received 41 percent.

This will be Fallin's second, four-year term in office following a two-decade career in politics that included stints in the Oklahoma House, as lieutenant governor and two terms in Congress.

Early polls showed Fallin with a large lead over Dorman but as the elections grew closer Dorman started to close the gap.

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The governor says most Oklahomans want her to continue to govern, to continue to strengthen the economy and resist any Washington policies that would weaken families.

"Thank you for the great economy that we have - continue to focus on our children and our future," she said of the messages from voters.

"My husband I have six children between us, so education is very critical and important to us. Continue to stand up and fight Washington D.C. anytime they might do something to harm our economy or take away our personal rights."

Some of the landmark legislation under her watch include a law that requires the state Department of Human Services to screen adults for drug use if they apply for some sources of government benefits, signing a law to repeal the Common Core standards in education, and rejecting some of the Obama-driven healthcare initiatives.