Earlsboro Firefighters Pass Out Smoke Alarms

Saturday, November 8th 2014, 7:39 pm
By: News 9

The Earlsboro Volunteer Fire Department stayed busy Saturday, only this time not putting out fires, but preventing them. The department teamed up with the Red Cross to promote home fire awareness.

A knock from a stranger may be reason enough for some to shy away. But like any good fire department, Earlsboro fire fighters were persistent.

"They don't think it's going to happen to them... It's going to greatly increase your chances of surviving a house fire," said Chief Shane Rowles of the Earlsboro Fire Department.

That was exactly why Earlsboro Fire Chief Shane Rowles and his department teamed up with the Red Cross.

"We're with the Red Cross and the fire department. We're checking people's smoke detectors," said one Red Cross volunteer.

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"It's kind of out of mind for most people," said Rowles.

Then consider Earlsboro resident Sharon Delyria, not most people.

"Whatever it takes so the house is safe, got three kids, don't want them to burn up," said Sharon Delyria, an Earlsboro resident.

Sharon did the opposite of shy away, she ran down the firefighters after buying two smoke detectors of her own and then being alarmed that neither worked.

"Started putting it in … wrong kind," said Sharon.

Lucky for her, the local firefighters were still on patrol with two brand new detectors that work for everyone in her family.

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"If you don't have some kind of warning system, you don't wake up ... And my deaf mother can hear that warning system," said Sharon.

"It's great, gives you a good feeling," said Rowles.

The Earlsboro Fire Department recommended you check your smoke detectors at least once a year.