Stephens County Investigators Still Searching For Clues In 8-Year-Old Cold Case

Wednesday, November 12th 2014, 5:20 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Investigators in Stephens County began looking for clues Wednesday in an 8-year-old cold case. They were searching a pond where 46-year-old Rose Bagley's remains were found in 2006. No one was ever charged with her murder.

The cold case was re-opened after the severe drought lowered the pond level back in March and two boys found more human remains. Archeologists and investigators on Wednesday were meticulously combing through the soil on the shore of the rural Stevens county pond looking for clues, some so small they may have to be shifted from the soil, but could hold the answer as to who killed Rose Bagley.

“We're out here looking for small bone fragments, possible shell casings, anything that might be related to the scene,” said Kent Buehler, a forensic archeologist with OU and one of those helping with the search.

“This is the kind of thing we do on an archeological scene all the time. We're just applying it to a crime scene.”

Bagley disappeared in May 2006. Her remains were found a couple months later. At the time, police believed Justin Foss was the last to see Bagley and a friend told police Foss confessed to them he killed her. But investigators never had enough evidence to charge Foss or anyone else. That's what they are looking for now.

“We have all these puzzle pieces strewn about and what we're doing is we're trying to find as many puzzle pieces as possible to try and formulate that picture,” said Beth Green, a Special Agent with the OSBI.

Investigators will use metal detectors to find what they can first, then will section off the area and sift through all the soil up to three inches deep. They did the same thing in April, and based on what they found, then decided to drain the pond and come back to continue looking.

“We believe everything we found is connected to this investigation,” said Green.

Archeologists and investigators will be at the sight for the rest of the week. Green says she believes there are people who know what happened in this case and she encourages them to call.