Moore Man Searching For Answers After Dog Found Shot

Friday, November 14th 2014, 6:58 pm
By: News 9

A Moore man said he is trying to find out who shot his dog to death and why.

Joey Hatfield buried his dog, Loc, on Thursday.

The brindle pit bull escaped from Hatfield's backyard in Moore sometime early Monday after strong winds knocked down part of his fence Sunday night.

Hatfield did not realize the fence was damaged and Loc ran away when he went out to the yard.

Two days later on Wednesday, someone found Loc dead inside some trash bags.

“It was one of the worst days ever,” said Hatfield. “You come home and you expect your dog was run over and then you see a bunch of holes in him,” he added.

Loc had been dumped in a dumpster behind the Cleveland County Health Department in Moore, a mile and a half away from Hatfield's home.

Everyone assumed he had been run over because of all the blood, but then they saw the bullet wounds and an x-ray confirmed someone shot Loc with a shotgun.

“It went from grief to rage real quick,” Hatfield said. “Why? Who did it? Why? Why did he have to take a shotgun to him,” he wondered.

Hatfield said if someone shot Loc out of self-defense, why not call animal control or police to report it?

“Why else kill a dog, throw him in a couple of sacks and then throw him in a dumpster unless you're trying to hide something,” Hatfield told News 9.

Hatfield said he hopes health department surveillance cameras pointing at the dumpsters reveal more clues about what happened.

“If he did get rowdy and it was justified, I need to know for my peace of mind, I need peace,” Hatfield explained.

News 9 requested the Cleveland County Health Department's surveillance video, but it is unavailable since it is now part of the police investigation.