DHS Employee And Wife Arrested For Child Neglect

Friday, November 21st 2014, 7:32 pm
By: News 9

A DHS worker and his wife were arrested for alleged child neglect after it was discovered that their own children were living in filth. Authorities who responded to the home described it as "unbelievably unsanitary conditions."

DHS immediately removed the children from the home back in September.

Lemerle Robinson, 41 and Jenifer Robinson, 39 were arrested Thursday.

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“When they entered in the house I mean almost immediately it came to their attention that the magnitude of what they were dealing with was more severe than the initial information that came in,” said Canadian County Undersheriff Chris West.

Undersheriff West said Jenifer Robinson blamed the mess on her five children saying they'd not done their chores.

“Yeah. This mess wasn't created in the last 30 minutes. I mean they were basically living in a nasty, filthy house,” says Undersheriff West.

Investigators found feces smashed in to the carpet, black mold covered the tub, the home smelled of urine, the beds where the children slept were covered in dirty clothes and the mattresses were torn and stained.

The Robinson's refrigerator was covered in the same filth seen around the house and was nearly empty.

And sadly, Undersheriff West said the list went on.

One neighbor we spoke with was in disbelief when we showed her the pictures.

“That is actually a big shock. I mean a big shock. I can't even believe that. Wow!,” said the neighbor.

The woman told News 9 her children used to play with the Robinson kids in the street.

Never would she have guessed the children were living in those conditions.

“I am shocked by it honestly because the little boys that came out here and played they didn't honestly seem, they didn't seem neglected,” she said.

Those children are back in the home after a follow-up when DHS officials deemed the home to be safe.

News 9 contacted DHS. A spokesperson said they were unaware of the employee arrest until Friday. They said they're working to get more information.