OKC Clerk Seriously Injured While Trying To Stop Alleged Shoplifter

Tuesday, November 25th 2014, 10:16 pm
By: News 9

A liquor store clerk was seriously injured after jumping onto the hood of a car, while trying to stop an alleged shoplifter. 

Police said it happened last Tuesday night. Security cameras captured it all outside the front door of Camelot Liquors at 122nd Street and North Penn. Police said the clerk broke a left finger, her left hand, and a large bone in her left leg after being thrown from the hood of the car. 

Police said the suspect, 26-year-old Joshua Stephens, had just stolen two bottles of tequila from the store and was trying to speed away. Paul Kennedy is a Camelot employee, and witnessed what happened. “When somebody does something like that that is just so brazen it just infuriates you,” he said. 

Joshua Stephens has a long criminal record. And police said he is a cross-dresser. In fact, after court documents alleged Stephens fled the liquor store, investigators said he nearly ran his car into Addison Ley and his wife, as they were preparing to gas up their car at a Circle K convenience store next door. 

Ley said Stephens looked like a woman at first. “It walked around to my side. We had some words.” 

"You keep calling him 'it,'" News 9's Steve Shaw said.  “It, shim, he, could you tell?” 

“I couldn't tell at the moment,” Ley said. 

“What was he wearing?” Shaw asked. 

“Some skinny jeans, tight shirt, had some fake boobs. It was dressed up. It was dressed up,” Ley said.