Squirrel Controversy Developing In Marlow

Wednesday, November 26th 2014, 10:24 pm
By: News 9

The way a Marlow property owner has been protecting his pecan crop has outraged one of his neighbors.

Marilyn Furr's family says several dead or almost dead squirrels started showing up in pecan trees next door about a month ago. The squirrels had been trapped.

Furr says it's inhumane. However, City Administrator Jason McPherson says the next door property owner is within his rights to trap and kill the squirrels. But he can't shoot them.

Furr says it's still wrong.

“It's pretty easy for the city to sit up there and say that when we're living here and have to look at the squirrels every day and watching them being tortured,” she said. “And they might be better off if they shoot ‘em.”

McPherson says the city periodically also traps squirrels and hangs them from power lines. He says they do that to scare off other squirrels. He says squirrels can do thousands of dollars in damage to electrical transformers. And he says people don't like it when their electricity is shut off because of it.