OKC Woman Stabbed Multiple Times Inside Motel Lobby

Wednesday, November 26th 2014, 11:15 pm
By: News 9

A metro woman is attacked in a hotel lobby and the assault happens right in front of her children. Wednesday night she is still recovering from her injuries, and it's what she told Oklahoma City police that led them to the suspect.

Police say the attacker is her ex-husband and father of their children.

The doors at the La Quinta Inn in the 4800 block of NW Expressway open right up for people looking for a good night's rest. Unfortunately that is not what the man was looking for when he showed up inside the hotel lobby.

Police say Alexander Barrett walked in not only with his children, but he was armed with a knife, and he wasn't looking for a room. He was after his ex-wife who worked at the hotel.

“He stabbed her in the back in front of the children,” Oklahoma City Police Capt. Paco Balderrama said. “She was laying [sic] on the ground when officers got there, was not able to speak and give them a whole lot of information. So we really had to rely on the witness statements to find out who the suspect was.”

Witnesses told officers their co-worker looked at them and pleaded for help as she laid on the floor bleeding. Once there police asked her who attacked her, and she was able to get out "my ex-husband."

“He was apparently trying to leave the children there in the hotel lobby with her,” Balderrama said.

Witnesses say Barrett then took the kids and sped away in the family mini-van. Police finally tracked him down and arrested him.

“This coming just one month after us trying to make the public aware of domestic abuse issues,” Balderamma said. “This is a very sad situation that occurred in front of the children and obviously extremely traumatizing for them.”

Barrett is behind bars in the Oklahoma County Jail.