Yukon Drive By Shooting Displaces Family

Thursday, December 4th 2014, 7:07 pm
By: News 9

Six kids and two mothers are left rattled after gunshots fired into their home.

Police in Yukon have a person of interest.

A neighbor told News 9 she believed the shooting was a targeted attack.

“When I was wrapping the Christmas gifts I walked to my roommate and I said, ‘Did that sound like a gun?' And he said, ‘It sounded like it came from the park.' And I told him, ‘No, it sounded like it came from the back of the house.'” said a neighbor.

Seconds later, she got a text message from one of the mothers living inside the home on the 200 block of Third Street.

“She said, well we are being shot at from the front. Somebody out of a car shot and one of the kids was in their front yard,” the neighbor said.

The neighbor told us this is the second night in a row police were at this home investigating reports of a shooting.

Police confirmed Tuesday night's call from neighbors about hearing gun shots never developed into anything.

But, bullet holes found in the side of a car parked in front of the home on Wednesday night, opened the investigation.

A woman living inside the home saw a dark colored SUV driving off, and believed it to be driven by someone she knows.

That man is now listed as a person of interest in this case.

“It is kind out of character for Yukon, because this is still pretty much a little town where you still could sleep with your doors unlocked,” she said.

Police also call Wednesday night's drive-by shooting abnormal for the city. In 2007, was the time something like this was reported happening within the city limits.

Despite its rarity, the two families are still frightened to tears and fear for their safety.

“They are very shook up and one of the ladies just called me and she's literally having a nervous breakdown,” she said.

 News 9 was told that the two women are staying with family.