DNA Evidence Helps Put Oklahoma City Rape Suspect Back Behind Bars

Friday, December 5th 2014, 6:00 pm
By: News 9

The Oklahoma County DA charges an Oklahoma City man accused of breaking into a neighbor's home and sexually assaulting her at knifepoint.

Henry Austin Brent Jr., 56, of Oklahoma City, was charged with the rape, sexual battery and burglary, after DNA evidence linked him to the crime scene..

The horrifying attack happened October 15th, and the details are all laid out in court documents filed Friday.

The arrest warrant stated it was near Harvey and NW 80th street, that the victim was attacked.

Police searched around the woman's home and discovered one of the side windows was wide open on the west side of the house. Not only that, but there was evidence the screen had been cut right out.

Many neighbors had no idea until News9 broke the news.

“Everything is just violated,” said Tiffany Jordan, who lives down the street from both Brent and the victim. “I'm glad he's put away, because it could have been anybody, anybody's house in the neighborhood.”

Police arrested Henry Austin Brent Jr. last week, after DNA linked him to the crime.

In court documents, the rape victim stated she woke up to find him standing over her. She told police his hand was over her throat and he was holding a knife to her.

The victim told police she feared for her young children, who were in the next room, and told Brent she wouldn't fight him as long as he put the knife away.

She told police he then, made her undress and tied a scarf around her head to cover her eyes, while he assaulted her. He then, forced her to give him all the money in her purse and took off.

Turns out Henry Brent lived in a house just down the street.

When police questioned him, he admitted to walking his dog that morning and even agreed to let officers take samples of his DNA.

Police also discovered Brent had served time in prison for a rape and burglary back in 1986. And that he used a knife and blindfold in that attack as well.

News9 knocked on Brent's door, but no one was home. But then his roommate showed up, and was horrified to hear the news that rape charges had been filed.

“Wow, I have a daughter and I just cannot imagine what I would do if something like that happened to her,” said the roommate.

Brent's roommate did not want to be identified, but says he lived in the same house with Brent for the past 9 months. He had no idea of his criminal past.

Brent is being held on a half of million dollar bond.