Driver Arrested For DUI After Slamming Into OKC Convenience Store

Friday, December 5th 2014, 7:12 pm
By: News 9

The driver who barreled into a Northwest OKC 7-Eleven Thursday night is behind bars.

Police arrested Paul Wiafe, 45, for driving under the influence of drugs after his car injured two women inside the store, including an expectant mother.

You can hear screams and cries for help on cell phone video shot by witness Mark W. Mumma, moments after a white Honda Accord slammed through the convenience store at N.W. 122nd and Council. Mumma exclaimed he was grateful to get out.

"I am thankful to be alive was walking right in front of that car when I saw it come through the window,” Mumma said.

It was just after 6 p.m. Thursday, when witnesses said they heard the driver rev his engine before barreling through and taking out the glass doors.

“He went right through the middle, and he hit that glass and it shattered everything,” said witness Tom Gulan.

The car hit two women, one was the clerk and the other a pregnant bystander.

"She was this on this side of the car and got hit and got knocked clear on the other side," Gulan said.

Dan Kendrick rushed to help. He is a warrant officer with the Oklahoma National Guard, whose wife owns the dry cleaning business Lynn's next door. Both he and the pregnant woman's mother, who happened to be an off-duty EMSA paramedic, helped stop the clerk's bleeding.

"It was pretty much chaos the store looked like it was turned upside down," Kendrick said.

“The clerk Teresa was actually in front of the car, she had been hit the door and all the glass had come in on her, so she was bruised pretty bad and had a cut on her wrist that left a pretty big puddle of blood and her legs were all bruised up.”

Meanwhile, the driver, Wiafe didn't move.

“I think he was scared, he nodded that he was okay, but kept his windows rolled up and never got out of the car,” Kendrick said.

Police opened Wiafe's door and took him out of car to arrest him.

Even though it was a busy time during rush hour, Kendrick said everything could've been a lot worse.

"Everything just seemed to happen right at the right time, there was no one in front of the store, which normally people are going in and out, there was no one standing directly in front of the register, which was the path of the car, and the EMSA lady was here, it just seems that everything came together," Kendrick said.

Both injured women were checked out at area hospitals and are expected to be ok.