Millions Wanted In Bond Money For Nichols Hills Improvements

Friday, December 5th 2014, 10:36 pm
By: News 9

Nichols Hills city officials said they need more than $20 million to upgrade infrastructure that is a decade old.

For some, that sounds like a whole lot of money for a town that's only two square miles, but the mayor said it's still not enough.

Nichols Hills Mayor Sody Clements said when you really break down the $22 million it's going to take to upgrade parts of the city, the bulk of it going towards streets, they're being very judicious.

There's about 5,000 residents in the city's two square miles.

According to the mayor, crumbling streets, an over-aged water system and other areas are in need of improvement.

“Most of our streets and our water systems are over 50 years old. We've been patching and repairing here and there, but we're trying to get them all laid with new pavement,” said Nichols Hills Mayor, Sody Clements.

City officials said they want $7.4 million dollars dedicated to street improvements alone.

“Every time we have a bond issue, we do more streets, so that's always number one on our list,” said Clements.

“I run on these streets. Go for it. More sidewalks and smooth paved roads,” said OKC resident, Susan Planer Philips.

Here's the breakdown:

  • $5.2 million to improve the city's water system that will include the installation of new water wells and water lines.
  • More than $1.3 million for sewage and drainage system improvements.
  • $3 million to upgrade parks.
  • $635,000 for traffic control equipment and improvements. And if the bond is passed, the city's town hall will get a $3-million face lift.

“I know it sounds like a lot of money, but given what things cost, it's really not that much money,” said Clements. “It will cover the things that the citizens have told us are their top priorities.”

Nichols Hills residents will also be asked to approve a $840,000 bond for communications and data systems, and $500,000 to upgrade the public works facility.

A special election is set for Jan. 13 to consider the bond.