Thief Swipes Truck, Tools From Del City Business Owner

Monday, December 8th 2014, 6:06 pm
By: News 9

A Del City man says his livelihood was taken from him when someone stole his truck and all his tools from his driveway.

Jerry Vickrey said after a long day of work, he let his guard down and left his keys in his truck on Wednesday night, and by the time he tried to leave for work the next morning, it was gone.

Vickrey said he's now forced to work with and unreliable pickup due to the theft.

"Complacent with not having anything taken and just being a quiet neighborhood, but I guess, it doesn't matter where you live," Vickrey said.

Vickrey said he parked his White 1998 Ford F-150 outside his home on SE 25th St. every night. It has his business "Econo Home Repairs" posted on the side and rear windows.

"When I pull up on a job can work out of my truck, I got everything in it," he said.

Everything from drills, grinders and sanders to shovels and rakes were there until…

"Went out about 9 in the morning to leave and the truck was gone."

The truck, along with $2,500-worth of tools inside the three tool boxes in the truck.

"My tools are my main concern. That's how I make my living. And when you take a man's tools, you hit him pretty hard."

Even harder, Vickrey only had liability insurance on his truck, his homeowners' and business insurance won't cover it, so he will have to buy a brand new one and replace all his tools.

It's a burden his friends are sharing, hoping to get the word out on Social Media. One post has about 100 shares.

“If I can just get my truck back that will be blessing," Vickrey said. "I'll be more cautious from now on to make sure I don't leave anything unlocked."

Vickrey did file a report with Del City Police, but officers say unless the truck gets pulled over and they run the tag, there's not much they can do. If you've seen the truck, you're asked to call Del City Police.