Police Search For Woman Accused Of Kidnapping And Assaulting Elderly OKC Man

Monday, December 8th 2014, 7:33 pm
By: News 9

On Monday an arrest warrant was issued for Evelyn Goldsmith, an Oklahoma City woman accused of kidnapping and assaulting an elderly Oklahoma City man after the victim passed away.

Police said Goldsmith held the 71-year-old man against his will for several days before he got away in Oct.

The daughter of Paul David Birdsall Sr. told News 9 Goldsmith preyed on her father's loneliness and resources. Sunday morning he passed away as a result of the abuse the family said the she put him through. The family said it was all for money.

“I said, 'Why didn't you say anything?' And he said, ‘I was scared. I was scared to death,'” said Birdsall's son-in-law.

He was scared that Evelyn Goldsmith would carry out her threats of killing him if he ever told anyone what was happening.

“She would say if you tell anybody anything, that's when she would threaten him with ‘I can kill you. I can kill you,'” said Birdsall's daughter.

His daughter explained that after her mother's death, Goldsmith began helping her father with chores around the house. In return, he would write her a check.

The family said Goldsmith became greedy and began forging his signature on checks, stealing thousands of dollars by cashing those checks at a grocery store and gas station near his home in Del City.

Police eventually arrested Goldsmith in August. But it wasn't long after her release that she returned to Birdsall's home.

“He said that the last time she came back that she crawled through a window to get in, she broke in through the front window of his house,” she said.

She was an unwelcome visitor that time.

“He said that he was held captive for the last two weeks and she was pretty much making him go to the bank with a screw driver to his and withdrawing all the money,” said Birdsall's daughter.

On Oct. 6, her father escaped when Goldsmith left the house for an appointment.

At the hospital Birdsall's family found him bruised and beaten, suffering from a brain bleed.

The family warned until she's caught, she'll continue this scam.

“I know she will. That's how she lives. She acts like she is trying to do well for somebody to help them when it's actually another agenda. And that's money,” said Birdsall's daughter.

Law enforcement officials said they are actively looking for Evelyn Goldsmith. She's facing multiple charges including first degree murder.

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