OKC Abortion Doctor Accused Of Fraud Bonds Out Of Jail

Tuesday, December 9th 2014, 11:23 pm
By: News 9

An abortion doctor accused of fraud bonded out of jail. An undercover investigation shut down his metro clinic after the death of a woman who was given an abortion there when she was not pregnant.

This happened at Outpatient Services for Women in Oklahoma City. Within four months of visiting the place, the woman died from cervical cancer, and an autopsy showed she was never pregnant during that last year of her life.

The clinic is closed, and police searched the building. They were in uniform during the search, but for several months, undercover female investigators made appointments with Dr. Naresh Patel claiming they were pregnant and needed an abortion.

The first happened in June 2011, when an investigator with the Oklahoma Medical License Board was told her abortion would cost $620. She showed up and paid cash for the procedure.

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Court documents stated Dr. Patel "performed an ultrasound on her abdomen and told her she was very, very early pregnant." She was given five abortion pills. The investigator was not really pregnant.

The next happened in Oct. 2011 when a police detective walked in wearing a hidden video camera. Dr. Patel "performed an external ultrasound on her abdomen, and he told her she was pregnant" and that her pregnancy urine test was positive.

Patel gave the detective five abortion pills and even took it a step further and gave her a prescription for pain pills. That detective was not pregnant either.

Later that month, another agent visited the clinic wearing undercover surveillance equipment. Patel performed an ultrasound and told the not pregnant agent that she was "early in her pregnancy" and gave her five abortion pills to take. The agent "put one pill into her mouth and concealed the pill until she was able to place it into a Kleenex." Patel then prescribed the agent "Tylenol#3 with codeine." The agent was not pregnant.

Patel bonded out of the Oklahoma County Jail Tuesday evening.