OU Medical Student Accused Of Stealing Patients' Drugs

Wednesday, December 10th 2014, 6:41 pm
By: News 9

A former OU medical student is in hot water, accused of stealing narcotics from patients. Police now have a warrant for his arrest.

OU Med wouldn't comment on the investigation, only telling us the medical student is no longer in the program. But court documents give us a better idea of what allegedly happened back in August.

OU Police say in August, fourth year med student Nabeel Khan removed IV bags filled with pain killers.

Court documents say that day Khan "removed a cartridge containing approximately 31 milliliter of Fenteanyl" an opioid pain medication, while the patient's family was in the room,

Alarms sounded when the painkiller was removed. Khan reportedly told the family still in the room, "that the patient was 'brain dead' and did not need the medication.”

Two and a half hours later, a nurse on the ICU floor claims he saw Khan "conduct[ing] a test or tests on [a] patient." When he went back to check on the patient, the Hydromorphone, another opioid narcotic, was missing from the patient's IV pole pump.

The nurse told OU police Khan was "the only other person in [the patient's] room who could have taken the Hydromorphone HCL."

Video surveillance outside both patients' rooms showed Khan leaving shortly after the narcotics went missing.

News 9 is told Khan was working in the Neurology Department and had "no business being in any ICU unit" and was never assigned to see either patient.

By 7 p.m. that night, hospital officials ordered Khan to leave.

OU Med students are never allowed to order, administer, or handle controlled narcotics.