Suspect Attacks And Robs Elderly Man In Driveway Of Tuttle Home

Tuesday, December 16th 2014, 9:45 pm
By: News 9

An elderly man was attacked outside a home in Tuttle, but he didn't go down without a fight. The suspect was caught on camera, but police said he is on the run. The victim is 83 years old and was in town visiting his daughter when the attack happened.

It was Thanksgiving morning and Eddie Coursey decided to sneak off to the Newcastle Casino before heading back to his daughter's house to celebrate the holiday, but somebody sneaked up behind him and followed him all the way to his daughter's house.

“I pulled into my daughter's driveway,” Coursey said. “I got out of my car, and he pulled in, got out of his car, peppered sprayed me, pushed me down and wrestled me and finally got my billfold.”

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Eddie may be in his 80's and blind from the pepper spray, but he didn't go down easy.

“I tried for a couple of minutes. I tried to fight him off. He was a very young man and very stout, and I'm 83 years old, and that makes a difference,” he said. “All he said is ‘I want your billfold.' That's the only words he said to me.”

The neighbor's dogs started barking, and that's when a neighbor saw what was happening and called for help.

Police said the man was driving a gray Nissan and was later caught on surveillance cameras in a couple of Oklahoma City stores where he used Coursey's debit card.

“He used the cards in Oklahoma City at a Walmart, 7-11 and he tried to use it at an On-Cue,” Tuttle Police Department's Major Michael Scott said.

Coursey was lucky that morning and walked out of the casino with more money than he came in with, but the thief took that, too. Although Coursey may not have won the scuffle in his daughter's driveway, he's got his life.

“I think he was real lucky,” his daughter Carol Hughes said. “It's a blessing that he was not hurt any more than he was.”

Coursey did get his driver's license and check card back after someone found them near a dumpster in Oklahoma City. If you recognize the man in the video, contact Tuttle Police Department.