Red Dirt Diaries: Pin The Name On The Donkey In OKC

Wednesday, December 17th 2014, 6:55 pm
By: Karl Torp

The city's goat-grazing program at the Lake Hefner canal has almost doubled in size from when it started this past summer. 

There are now 37 goats that eat back the vegetation, saving them time and possible injuries if they did the work themselves.

A Great Pyrenees, named Otto, watches over the herd, and protects them from stray dogs, coyotes, or any other predators. 

A new animal has been picked up for extra protection at the lake, a stray donkey.

“He was found on the side of the road,” said Ricky Gilbert with the OKC Utilities Department.

The city adopted the Donkey after never finding an owner.

“We call the Donkey the ultimate predator,” said Gilbert, who said the donkey, dog and goats get along fine.

The City is now taking suggesting of what to name the donkey. You can leave your suggestions in the “pin the name on the Donkey at” by going to the Hefner Canal Goats Facebook.

Suggestions will be taken through December 19.